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Welcome! Many hours of work (Blood, Sweat and Tears) have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. It could appropriately be called

"Child Is Father to the Man" 


The name Gordon  is derived from the parish of Gordon in Berwickshire. They were Anglo-Norman and settled in the south of Scotland in the 12th Century. Adam de Gordon joined King Louis XI of France in the Crusade of 1270.

 "Sir Adam Gordon I, was remarkable for killing a fierce boar that much wasted the country near the forest or wood of Huntly; and that the memory of such a remarkable action might be transmitted to posterity, King Malcolm would have him to carry in his banner three boarsheads, or, in a field of azure."

"This knight was in great favor with Malcolm, both for his prudence and valor, and Malcolm bestowed upon him, as a reward of his merit, the lands of Stitchel, and other lands in Merse and Galloway, which continued in the family of Gordon for upwards of 500 years."

The ancient motto as depicted in the left shield "Animo non Astutia" means: "By courage, not by stratagem".

It is believed the motto evolved into a Battle Cry of:

BYDAND, the more recent Gordon Clan motto, meaning "Remaining, Steadfast and Faithful"

one Gaelic interpretation is "Stand and Fight" and an old English definition is "Fidelity"


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bullet  Gordon-Bush Family Tree (Last Update: 11/11/04)
bullet  Timeline Chart (PDF)
bullet  Gordon Ancestry Chart (Web  View)

bullet  Gordon Ancestry by generation (This is only a summary for direct lineage, see the Family Tree for details on other individuals)

bullet  Bush Ancestry Chart (Web  View)

bullet  Bush Family Wills

bullet  Bush Ancestry by generation (This is only a summary for direct lineage, see the Family Tree for details on other individuals)

bullet  Howard Family - Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine

bullet  62nd Alabama Infantry Regiment

bullet  "Some Recollections Of An Old Soldier" by Asa McWilliams Piper [Thomas Greene Bush excerpt]

bullet  Medical College of Alabama and Dr. Frederick Elliott Gordon 
bullet  Family ancestral homes, many listed with the National Register of Historical Places

        (if anyone knows of more, please let me know)[still under construction]

bullet Download GEDCOM's

bullet Gravestone Project

bullet Map Resources for the Bush and Gordon Families

bullet A poem for genealogist First Day of the Census

bullet Genealogy Terms

bullet Relationship Terms

bullet Genealogy Abbreviations

bullet Colonial Occupations

bullet Colonial Diseases and Cures

bullet "The Genesis of a Continental Name" About the naming of America

bullet A (David) Love Story

bullet McMillan Bible Records

bullet Table of Kindred and Affinity - Click Here to View The Church of England's "Who you can NOT marry"

bullet A History of Orange County, Virginia by W.W. Scott

bullet "The Sisterhood of Friends" A hanging inspires three Oyster Bay siblings to fight for the Quakers of New England. 

By Newsday, Inc., Staff Writer George DeWan

bullet  A wonderful glimpse into the past "A MEMENTO OF ANCESTORS AND ANCESTRAL HOMES" by Margaret Rives King (The author of this view of life in the eighteen hundreds is the daughter of Landon Cabell Rives, who was brother of Lucy Shands Rives [Brown], who was the mother of Margaret Brown [Wilmer], who was the mother of Gen. Alexander Brown Wilmer, who married Edith Newbold Gordon, our greatgreat grand aunt. According to the publications title, she wrote the book for us, her nieces and nephews )


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Dates: In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the English used the old style or Julian calendar while most of Europe used the new style or Gregorian. There were two principal differences: the old style calendar began the year on March 25 instead of January 1, and it was ten days behind the new style. A date written August 6/16 meant that the day was the 6th (Julian) and the 16th (Gregorian). A date written 1664/5 meant that the day fell in the period between January 1 and March 25, and was therefore in both 1664 and 1665, depending on which calendar was being used.

List of Presidents of the United States of America



Sometimes relationships can become real confusing. Using the definitions above, you should be able to determine any relationship. However, what if someone fits into more than one category? What if your brother marries your cousin? How do you define that twisted branch? Here are rules to go by! If you know of more good rules, let me know them!

1) If you are blood-related to the same person, in two or more ways, which one do you use? The answer is to use the closer relationship. So, great-great-granddaughter is closer than great-great-great granddaughter. 2nd Cousin 40 times removed is closer than 3rd cousin.

2) If you are related to the same person by blood and by marriage -- always go by the blood relationship. Any blood relationship is closer than any in-law type relationship. Thus, 5th cousins, 20 times removed, is still closer than brother-in-law.

3) If you are related to the same person, more than once, by marriage, go by whichever relationship is closest. If say, two brothers marry two sisters. In that your wife is also your sister-in-law, go with the wife relationship -- wife is closer than sister-in-law. 



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