Alabama Genealogical Register
Dec 1961 Vol 3 No 4.

Contributed by: Mrs. Thomas McMillan George, III
Post Office Box 564
Corsicanna, Texas

This bible belonged to DAVID McMillan and was given to his youngest daughter, Elizabeth David McMillan who married Robert Dewilda George. The Bible was carried to Navarro County, Texas when the family moved there about 1880. The Bible has no front or back cover and the first two books of the Bible are missing. It has been in water at some time as the pages are water marked, however the handwriting of David McMillan is still very clear. The page with the George family records has been partially torn and on the back of this page were the deaths notices of the McMillan family.

First page:

Robert McMillan (fourth son of David McMillan of Holm) and Elizabeth Kennedy (oldest daughter of David Kennedy of Craig) were married 6th of March 1794. [ I added the above parenthesis to avoid confusion. EGB]

David McMillan borne 7th December 1798
John and Twain borne April 1796 both died in less a week
William borne 27th May 1797
Mary borne 30th November 1799
John borne 20th August 1802
died 20 March 1806
Thomas borne 19th July 1804
Alexander borne 30 September 1806
James borne 19th October 1808
John borne 14th February 1811
Marion borne 26th June 1813
died January 1814
Anthony borne 17th October 1815
Robert borne 29 August 1817
Elizabeth borne 19th May 1821
died 29th September 1835
Mary died 21st July 1827

True copy taken from the family bible at Polgawn by David McMillan in the year of our Lord 1837 and the 18th day of September of said year.

Second page:

David McMillan married Martha oldest daughter of Jonathan Bell, Esq. of Wilcox County, Alabama, Wednesday April 23, 1820.

Mary H McMillan, eldest daughter of David and Martha McMillan married John W George, February 27th, 1851

Thomas Bell McMillan married Fannie W Anderson January 1852

Missouri C McMillan married Dr. J. H. Pressly April 2, 1857

Elizabeth David McMillan youngest daughter of David and Martha McMillan married Robert D George March 23rd, 1864

Bettie Pressly married Edwin Montgomery November 24, 1880

Missouri Bell Pressly married David (?) January 8, 1885

Third Page:

David McMillan, a native of Aryshire, Scotland emigrated to the United States in the year 1818 and in 1819 settled in the Alabama Territory. He was born December 7, 1798.

Martha McMillan was born December 24, 1806

Robert Kennedy McMillan was born Sunday 19th April 1829

Thomas Bell McMillan was born Thursday January 6th 1831

Mary Hunter McMillan was born Monday 17th September 1832

Missouri Crump McMillan was born Wednesday 20th April 1836

Elizabeth David McMillan was born Sunday, 25th September 1842

Elizabeth H Pressly was born March 9th 1859

Martha Bell Pressly was born Thursday, February 28th 1867

Fourth page:

Top of page torn so that considerable information has been lost. This page contained names of children born to Elizabeth David McMillan and Robert D George.





Monday Aug

Robert Dewilda
was born
Sunday May 14, 187

Richard Warren was born Thursday January 22, 1874

Fannie McMillan George was born Monday April 24, 1876

Leila Gordon George was born Wednesday, December 30th, 1885

Fifth Page:

Joseph George was born in North Carolina, together with his only brother, John, moved to Alabama Territory when about grown.

Nancy, daughter of Richard Warren, was born in Georgia, moved with her father's family to Alabama Territory.

To the union in marriage of Joseph and Nancy W George were born the following named children.
1. John Warren George
2. David Richard who died soon after leaving the University of Alabama
3. Amanda Elizabeth (Mrs Dunn) died and was buried in Florida
4. Joseph Wright George
5. Martha George, died when a mere child
6. Sarah Frances George (Mrs Wheadon)
7. Robert Dewilda George
8. William Alfred George

Joseph George, our father, died January 3rd, 1853
Nancy W George, our mother, died September 14th 1888

The father, mother and David Richard are buried in the cemetery at Camden, Alabama

(page 5 was written by Robert Dewilda George)

The following information was prepared by Robert Dewilda George and placed in the McMillan family Bible.

Robert Dewilda, son of dJoseph and Nancy George, and Elizabeth David, daughter of David and Martha McMillan, were married March 23rd 1864

To them were born the following children
1. Thomas McMillan George born Thursday June 7, 1866
2. Mary Missouri George born Monday, August 28, 1869
3. Robert Dewilda George born Sunday, May 14, 1871
4. Richard Warren born Thursday, January 22, 1874
5. Fannie McMillan born Monday, April 24, 1876
6. Ora Bell born Sunday, March 31, 1878
7. Elizabeth David born Monday, October 11, 1880
8. John David born October 13, 1883
9. Lelia Gordon born Wednesday, December 30, 1885

Elizabeth David George, our dear wife and mother, died December 14, 1909.