Sixty-Second Alabama
Infantry Regiment

(Alabama State Department of Archives and History: see note below)

Lockhart's Battalion, the nucleus of this regiment, was organized at Selma, in January 1864, and was on duty in the State till July, when it moved up to Cheha, and lost severely in the fight there with Rousseau. A few days after, it was organized as the Sixty-second Alabama regiment, at Mobile. Stationed at Fort Gaines, the regiment was in the bombardment of that place, losing several killed and wounded, and the remainder captured. The prisoners were taken to New Orleans and Ship Island, and subjected to brutal treatment at the hands of the enemy. Exchanged in Mobile Bay, Jan. 4, 1865. Placed in garrison at Spanish Fort, as part of Thomas' brigade (with the Sixty-third Alabama), the regiment withstood the siege there for six days, with some loss, and was then relieved by Holtzclaw's brigade. It served through the siege and bombardment of Blakeley, losing a number killed and wounded, and was captured in the assault on the works. Taken to Ship Island, the men were exchanged in time to be surrendered with the department. The regiment was composed wholly of young men, and was complimented in special orders by Gen. Lidell for its conduct at Spanish Fort.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- Daniel Huger of Mobile.

Lieut. Colonels -- James L. Davidson of Bibb; till re-organized. Brount Yniestre; captured at Blakeley.

Majors -- B. Yniestre of Mobile; promoted. J. W. Pitts of Shelby; captured at Blakeley.

Adjutants -- T. G. Bush of Pickens; captured at Blakeley.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Greene -- Wm. H. King.

Perry and Dallas -- George D. Shortridge, Jr; captured at Blakeley.

St. Clair and Randolph -- Joseph Thornton; captured at Blakeley.

Talladega -- William Donahoe.

Dallas and Perry -- Jos. J. Alston; captured at Blakeley.

Calhoun and Talladega -- Junius L. Walthall.

Shelby and Talladega -- J. W. Pitts; promoted. Wailes Wallace; captured at Blakeley.

Perry -- James A. McCaw; wounded at Cheha.

Calhoun, St. Clair, Randolph -- Henry Foy.

Bibb -- Wm. C. Ward; wounded at Spanish Fort; captured at Blakeley.


Alabama State Department of Archives and History


In 1962 the Alabama Civil War Centennial Commission reprinted pages 589-705 of Willis Brewer's Alabama which contain brief historical sketches of the military organizations raised in Alabama for Confederate service. The limited number of copies ordered by the Centennial Commission failed to meet the demand for them while the Commission was in existence; nor has the demand diminished since the close of the Centennial years. In an effort to answer requests for the information which Mr. Brewer compiled, the Alabama State Department of Archives and History made a limited number of the excerpts from Brewer's Alabama available as a reprint in 1966. Since that time the department has either reprinted or allowed the reprinting of the pamphlet on several occasions. This is the first time this information has been available on-line.

These brief sketches are not intended to be more than precisely that. No attempt has been made to annotate or correct Brewer's work for this or any of the earlier printings. These sketches do, however, provide an introduction to the study of Alabama men who organized to serve in military units during the Civil War.

Brief Historical Sketches of Military Organizations Raised In Alabama During the Civil War

Reproduced from

Willis Brewer's Alabama: Her History, Resources War Record, and Public Men From 1540 to 1872

Alabama State Department of Archives and History