When you feel old,
you're not.
When you don't feel old,
don't go there!

by Vania Love Clark (December 2008)

Family Pictures

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Bird Watching a Koi Thief 2012  Bird Watching a Koi Thief
Halloween 2012  Ashlyn Halloween 2012
Carol, Cathy, Danielle and Brian's European Vacation 2011  Carol and Cathy in Vatican City

Thanksgiving Vacation On The Gulf Coast 2009  

2009 Vacation

The Garden and the Fish are Growing (6/1/2009)  

Home 06-01-2009

John Curtis Bush V  

Molly, Rock & Roll (Taken 4/16/2009)

Good Golly "Miss Molly" 

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Jazz, born Tuesday 5/13/2008 died Monday 10/27/08

2008 Alaskan Cruise Cruise Ship

2007 Las Vegas Trip to See Cirque du Soleil's
"The Beatles LOVE"
(Carol's Birthday, June 1) 

A Family Gathering in Honor of James P "Doc" Gordon
(May 1, 1927 - March 5, 2008)

2007 Labor Day Vacation to Mendocino County California, Oregon Coast, and Jet Boating on the Rogue River

Vania Love Clark - Christmas 2006  
Vali Clark - Christmas 2006  
Ashlyn Bush - Christmas 2006  

A Family Christmas at the Gulf - 2006

Carol and Erle: Maui, Hawaii - 2005 

Diving Off Maui and Molokini, Hawaii - 2005 

Ashlyn Nicole Bush (born March 23, 2004)

Florida, Family and Fishing
January 2004

Vania Love Clark 

Tori's School Picture - May 2004

Curt & Lee Ann's Wedding
December 31, 2003

Tori - Some miscellaneous,
but very cute pictures



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